What if I’ve never ridden before?

The Basic Rider Course assumes you have no prior experience, about 40% of our students

have never ridden a motorcycle before, the rest have varying amounts of experience.

However, you must have the ability to ride a bicycle prior to coming to class as the ability to balance on two wheels is absolutely necessary (please go the the Sign Ip page to read about our Basic Requirements).

What if I haven’t ridden in several years?

The Basic Rider Course provides a good refresher of riding strategies and a solid foundation of skills to help you re-enter the world of motorcycling with confidence.

What if it rains?

We will get wet, because we ride rain or shine. Bring rain gear, it helps.

On rare occasion classes are rescheduled due to severe weather.

What if I don’t pass?

You can retake necessary portions of the class one more time, on a standby basis.

There is no extra charge. You will have up to six months to finish up class.

Can I bring my own motorcycle?

You can use your own Motorcycle provided it is 350cc’s or less, is in safe riding condition and registered and insured. You must also have your Motorcycle Permit.

You must get pre-approval to bring your own bike.

What if I’m very short / tall?

We have trained people from 4’-10” to 6’-8”.

If you are exceptionally tall or short, you may need to provide your own motorcycle.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, Give the gift of safety, it shows you care.




Redwood Region Motorcycle Training