What course should / can I take?

You must have the ability to ride a bicycle and be comfortable balancing on two wheels. Balance and hand coordination are essential skills for safe motorcycling.

Students unable to balance on two wheels will be asked to leave and encouraged to practice on a bicycle for several months. They can return on a standby basis only.

If it has been more than a year since you have ridden a two wheeled vehicle, please practice before coming to class. We can not teach you to ride if you can not easily balance on two wheels.

Motorcyclist Training Course:

Training designed primarily for beginning and inexperienced riders.

Our Motorcyclist Training Course includes 6 hours of classroom and 10 hours of riding instruction. It covers everything from beginning to advanced riding skills. We provide the motorcycles and helmets. Successful completion of the course may waive the riding skills test at the California DMV and is now REQUIRED by the DMV for any rider under the age of 21 seeking their first California motorcycle license or permit.

Intermediate Rider Course 2:

Training designed for motorcyclists who wish to improve their riding experience.

In this 8 hour course you will learn mental strategies for riding in traffic, understand advanced riding techniques, motorcycle handling characteristics and traction management. You will then practice these techniques on the range on your own motorcycle.

The Intermediate Rider Course DOES NOT bypass or waive any DMV licensing requirements. These classes are usually held in spring and fall, please call for more info.

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  1. Why should I learn from RRMT?

  2. We offer you easy registration, award winning friendly and professional staff, and we're addicted to motorcycles...... it's ok...... we understand..... we're here to help.

  3. The administrators of the training course are independent contractors providing services to the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.